Who are the Jinx Brothers
(and others)?

The Fabulous Flying Jinx Brothers are...

Bill Cernansky, a.k.a. Armando Jinx, is currently a Software Engineer in the Portland, Oregon area where he lives with his wife. In addition to his work (you call that WORK?) with ASU Farce Side as writer and performer, he has appeared in two films and wrote and appeared on the public access cable comedy show "TV or Not TV" in Phoenix, AZ from 1992-1993. He currently is an improviser with Peachy Chicken and ComedySportz Portland. He collects off-brand baby wipes and performs gender-change surgery on insects. He LOVES Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter.

Jeff Austin, a.k.a. Ziggy Jinx, recently made a career change from taxi driver to providing child care for hairless apes. He utilizes his command of psychic power to stay ahead of "the man." He rarely votes a straight ticket. He is not often found in the company of loons or grey kittens. As likely to not show as he is to be late, however, when he does arrive he is often rude if not petty. He owes his life to oxygen and Vacaro's Carne Asada.

Jerry Knowles, a.k.a. Iggy Jinx, is a Senior Business Systems Analyst in Austin, Texas. His job description includes the word "requirements" 906 times. He is an ASU Farce Side alumnus (writing and performing) and the inventor of the Slinky-Lok™ Slinky Anti-Theft System. Recently, he achieved the high score on a Dig-Dug machine at his local Seven-Eleven. He is deathly allergic to balloons and iguana dander. He is in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Others are...

Brian Ulinger, a.k.a. himself, is a seasoned veteran of the entertainment industry, including software and movie production. Prior to this, he was the leading expert in the lucrative field of finding Russian "potato brides" for circus folk. He has also been writing, directing and performing improvisational and sketch comedy in his spare time since 1986. One of his ears is made of gouda.

Woody Pittman sadly passed away in 2014 at only 54 years of age. He was a gentle man with a serious talent for magic and comedy, and was a longtime veteran of the Magic Castle. This page teased him for many years about ridiculing the Jinx Brothers in performance, but he was a good-natured fellow who deserves our love and respect. Peace, Woody.

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