The Jinx Brothers Story
Part 1

Separated as children and adopted by different families, the brothers Jinx never knew each other until adulthood, when they met in a gas station in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

As they each got out of their respective cars, the same instrumental tune could be heard (synchronized) wafting from the open doors of each automobile. Since Ziggy and Armando each thought he had written the odd, bouncy song, they were both amazed. They had identical bandannas tied around their necks. They were the same height. They both smelled of shoe polish. They had both been involved in dental accidents that had left them unable to speak. This was destiny!

Within a short time, the two brothers became acquainted and found that they both had the same passion for music, magic, dancing, and comedy. They put together an act featuring all of these passions and toured Hungary and Czechoslovakia as The Fabulous Flying Jinx Brothers. They played ballroom dances and bar mitzvahs, bowling alleys and barrooms.

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