The Jinx Brothers Story
Part 2

Slowly, Armando and Ziggy's brand of pranky, syncopated jazz-dance-magicomedy began to catch on, until they got their big break on "Czechoslovakia's Funniest Home Videos". After their television debut, which involved bandannas,a great dane, and 41 pounds of pickled herring, they became a huge success literally overnight.

Still basking in their newfound fame, Armando and Ziggy returned to America, but their act was not so popular at home. They were forced to work as newt trainers in an illegal newt-fighting ring for almost 6 months, but police broke up the ring in 1986. Destitute and with nowhere else to turn, they signed up for student loans and applied to Arizona State University.

Ziggy, "The Quiet One", studied psychology and minored in dachsund bioengineering. Armando, "The Quiet One", studied computers and minored in wok technology. One day, purely by accident, Armando stumbled into a small movie theater on campus. A comedy show was going on. There were nine members in the audience. Confident he could help the show, Armando signed on that day in 1986 as a volunteer writer for the fledgling group (known as "Comedy Corner").

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