The Jinx Brothers Story
Part 3

Armando wrote for "Comedy Corner" at ASU for a year, also occasionally acting a few roles (statues, passers-by, Kevin McCaslin). Ziggy, who was reluctant to return to show business, studied hard and kept up his grade average. He finally joined the comedy group, which had rechristened itself "Comedy 101", in 1987.

The original members of the group had left, and the show was now being run by a gypsy named Brian Ulinger, who liked salad. Brian rented a copy of "Czechoslovakia's Funniest Home Videos" one night by mistake (it was in a "Jaws 3" box) and saw the Jinx Brothers' performance. He convinced the brothers to give their act another shot.

With a simplified, two-skit performance, the brothers were a mild success. The music they incorporated into the act was perhaps better than the act itself, but success was all that mattered. The following week they performed another skit, and the following week another. The audience began to grow larger (and not just because of the food at ASU). The group took a vote on yet another new name, and Ziggy entered the suggestion "The Farce Side". The idea stuck (and the group still goes by that name to this very day). Things were going wonderful so far, despite a shakeup involving ASU entertainment officials and 10,000 snack-size bags of Doritos Cool Ranch chips.

A few weeks later, during an otherwise well-done show, Armando's bandanna flew from his hand while the duo performed the famous "no-change" trick. Shocked, Ziggy handed over half of his already tucked bandanna, which Armando attempted to tuck into his own hand. A chaotic, comically successful yet amazingly coordinated wrestling match ensued, which the audience loved. Unfortunately, Armando and Ziggy became furious at one another. This event started a 2 month feud.

Ziggy delved even harder into his studies, but Armando began to tour on his own. Sadly, audiences were not interested in watching Armando perform his half of the act by himself (much of which included gesturing at the nonexistent Ziggy). Booed off the stage, Armando fell into a deep depression, and became hooked on donuts, pizza, and Schaefer Beer. He gained 150 pounds.

Ziggy, longing for the taste of show biz once again, showed up on Armando's doorstep one afternoon. Armando, kicked out of his apartment, lay in front of his door, bloated, with a nasty rash on his upper lip (a reaction from powdered sugar and pepperoni). Ziggy took pity (as well he should have) on the sickened and depressed Armando, and nursed him back to health. Despite Armando's reluctance, his brother convinced him to return to the limelight - and his former weight. Ziggy and a somewhat plump Armando (who still had not given up his favorite lunchmeat, Cotto Salami) returned to the Farce Side.

Ziggy whipped Armando into shape, preparing him for the great "Best of the Farce Side" show that spring. Frantic preparations and costume changes followed. After knocking 'em dead at ASU, Brian Ulinger hooked the boys up with the Tempe Improv.

The big night at the Tempe Improv ended in disaster when the late, great comic Woody Pittman uncharacteristically lambasted the unusual act in front of a crowd of one hundred. The audience was shamelessly manipulated into ridiculing the boys. Armando and Ziggy quit the business on that fateful day in 1990.

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