The Jinx Brothers Story
Part 4

In 1995, Brian Ulinger, now living in Los Angeles, used his showbiz knowhow and sexual wiles to arrange a show commemorating the 10th anniversary of "The Farce Side Comedy Hour". He contacted Armando (now a computer programmer and stir-fry cook) and Ziggy (counselor for troubled kids and dachsund genetic designer), asking them to do one more show. Unfortunately, Brian neglected to tell them that the big do was to happen at the Tempe Improv. The brothers found out soon enough, and Brian Ulinger had to resort to those sexual wiles again, just to get them to set foot in the place.

To end a very long story with a very short paragraph: THE JINX BROTHERS ROCKED THE TEMPE IMPROV in November, 1995. Playing to a full room, Armando and Ziggy had them howling in the aisles. Trying to leave the place, the brothers were mobbed by cheerful fans. If only Woody Pittman could have been there to see the crowd fall in love with the Jinx Brothers, the evening would have been complete (Pittman was working one of his many stints as a cruise ship comic at the time). The boys were then invited, no joke, to work the Super Bowl XXX showgrounds in 1996 (gratis, as usual), but Armando could not attend. Still, success has not ended for THE FABULOUS FLYING JINX BROTHERS!!!!

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