Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't JANIS support 1080p audience monitor resolution?

  • Two reasons. First, for speed. 1080p has twice as many pixels (and thus twice as much memory to control) as 720p. Second, many cheaper TVs still don't support 1080p. Community theaters aren't always able to afford the fanciest equipment. Besides, at typical viewing distance, the audience can't see the difference anyway.

How do I get JANIS to play sound?

  • JANIS is for display purposes only. If you want to play music or sound effects, I gently guide you to Wade Minter's Mr. Voice program or any of numerous sound board programs. However, if you want to get the most out of JANIS and your sound program, I suggest running them on separate computers with separate operators. It's overwhelming to run announcing, sound effects, video, audio mixer, and lights simultaneously.

What image formats are supported?

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • GIF (including animations)
  • PNG
  • WMF (not sure why I still support this)

How can I play a video?

  • Currently, you can't. This is a complicated issue. I have worked on this numerous times, but for the two-display version, it's impossible to keep the two monitors in sync. If a benevolent investor offers to pay for the R&D, I'll try again. Maybe for single-screen, this'll happen one day.

I get a warning that the program is not signed.

  • Yeah, I can't afford to buy signing certificates. I've put hundreds of hours into this labor of love, but I haven't gotten paid for it, since I don't really charge to use it.

Can I pay you to add a feature?

  • Hell, yeah!