Images and Slideshows

JANIS can do a lot with images:

  • Store your images in an image library folder.
  • Search for library images by keyword.
  • Paste images from the clipboard directly to audience diplays.
  • Attach images to Hot Buttons, configurable targets that can be used to show an image over and over.
  • Create, save, and play slideshows from your image library. Pause, skip forward or backward at will.
  • Run slideshows in the background while you manage other JANIS tasks.
  • Configure the length of time each slide will appear.
  • Use THE WHAMMY to flash slideshows randomly at high speed and stop them on a random selection. Useful for "game show" opportunities, or for selecting a random game or suggestion from a list.
  • Select images that will always be displayed at JANIS launch.
  • Locally view any images showing on the audience monitors in JANIS's operator preview panes.
  • Blackout the audience displays instantly.

To see examples of JANIS's various image control screens, select Screenshots from the menu above.